Our target

It is the main and the long-term goal of the Urpi Wasi that children grow up into self-confident, educated and responsible young people who become professionals and with it finally break the vicious cycle of poverty. All of this will contribute to decrease the gaps between the social strata, will promote equal opportunities in the country and will open perspectives for people in the long term and will fight against the emigration problem.

It is worth noting that the families of Urpi Wasi come from a social stratus that is struggling to survive, who earn an income that barely covers their minimum needs, who were conned or were oppressed and have to endure the same fate for generations. For these people there is not enough education, self-confidence and support from the government.

That's why small steps are required to achieve our aim;

Urpi Wasi offers the children a safe and affectionate place which keeps them away from the streets and allows mothers to earn the living of the family during the day.

The children experience safety and joy in the everyday life and get a healthy and well-balanced food as well as medical and psychological care in Urpi Wasi.

The children get a good school education which also provides them with important basic values. So that these can be anchored with lasting effect in the everyday life of the children, Urpi Wasi incorporates the mothers and families in its programme.


Urpi Wasi can now look back at its successful path, confirming that a extensive and wide ranging program is the right way to take.