General Medical Care


In the in-house sickroom, Urpi Wasi treats small injuries such as scrapes or bruises. The medicine chest is well equipped for small emergencies and trivial illnesses.


Urpi Wasi also supports children and mothers with medication and covers the medical and hospital costs, especially if young children have serious illnesses such as pneumonia, anemia, bronchitis or malnutrition.


The teams review the children’s weight and height regularly.


The dentist settles annually from August to December in Urpi Wasi and treats all children. The toothbrush is part of the traditional Christmas present. Many children are not used to practice dental hygiene at home. They learn it in Urpi Wasi.

Psychological Services

The psychologist of Urpi Wasi is in constant exchange with Barbara and the teachers. She makes projects with the students on current topics such as violence, sexuality, arguments, mobbing, etc.... In addition, she holds individual discussions with selected parents and children weekly.