Scholarships for high school

In Peru, primary school is completed with the sixth grade. The majority of the pupils of Urpi Wasi’s primary school apply for a place in one of the various high schools in the city. So the schoolmates are often separated by being accepted in different educational institutions. For the kids and their families, changing the school is a big step. It is generally difficult to get a free place at a high school. Not least, it is also a big change as they will no longer be accompanied and supported throughout the whole day by Urpi Wasi.

Therefore, it is important to Urpi Wasi to continue supporting the graduates of the primary school and to accompany them on their life path. The overall goal is that the pupils finish compulsory schooling and do not previously start working in order to support their families or mothers financially.

Thanks to the scholarship program for secondary schools, Urpi Wasi can support some of the former primary school students directly and continue accompanying them. The scholarship covers the cost of school supplies, school uniforms, and school fees for the whole five years of high school. By applying for the scholarship, the pupils demonstrate responsibility and interest. The receipt of the grant is subject to certain requirements. The pupils must have the minimum mark of 14 (20 is the highest mark in Peru) and must regularly participate in discussions and workshops organized by Urpi Wasi, as well as attend tutoring.

In this way, it is possible for Urpi Wasi to keep close contact to the students and to continue accompanying and supporting them and their parents. One employee at Urpi Wasi is exclusively responsible for this program for former primary school students. Two to three times a week, she is available for advice and assistance.

The various events organized by Urpi Wasi are open to all former primary school students. This includes, among others, regular tutoring, various leisure activities such as dance or origami workshops, workshops on career choice, or the annual class reunion. We are pleased that by this, we are able to hold Urpi Wasi family’s doors open for the former students and stay in touch with them.

Cooperation with high school in Cusco

Since March 2016, Urpi Wasi is in close cooperation with a selected public secondary school. By the agreement reached, the school commits itself to take over the pupils from Urpi Wasi after the sixth grade and keep them for five years in their high school. Hence, the classmates are not separated any more and Urpi Wasi will be able to further accompany them with advice and support until they finish secondary school. In return, Urpi Wasi supports the high school with a school psychologist.