Finance and reports


Urpi Wasi is supported exclusively by private donations and the contributions by the mothers. These contributions help to enhance responsibility and cover about 10% of the running costs. Depending on the child’s age, the contributions lay between 20 and 25 Nuevo Soles (equivalent to ± 6 – 7 US $) a month.

With a monthly donation of $ 60 to 70, you provide a safe, loving “second home” to a child and you cover the running costs (food, school supplies, wages, health care, …)

We especially thank our donators from Switzerland and from the area around Munich, who have been supporting our project for many years.

Under donate you can read more about how to contribute to Urpi Wasi.

Annual Report

At the end of each school year, which is in December, Barbara Casanova writes an annual report. It informs about the activities and actual developments in Urpi Wasi over the entire year. The report is published in form of a letter and is also sent to friends and donors.

Annual Report 2016 (in German)

Annual Report 2015 (in German)

Annual Report 2014 (in German)